Wednesday, July 3, 2013

15+ Ways to Wear Head Scarves

Do you ever buy bandanas and head scarves thinking you're going to wear the crap out of them, only to find them at the back of a drawer three months later?
I'm guilty.
Or maybe you're just looking to get more use out of the scarves you wore to keep warm in the winter.
Guilty again.
Here's a little inspiration if you're in a head scarf rut like I am.

Basic bun + head scarf combo. Check out the lovely Keiko Lynn's tutorial on how to tie it.

Gather hair into low ponytail. Pull some fringe out to frame the face and then tie the scarf at the base of your neck.

Go for the rockabilly look with pin curls, a bun, and a bandana tied in a knot at the top of your head.

Here Emma tied her scarf in a knot over her hair tie and let the ends hang over the sides. Go for the messy pony like she did, or make it sleek and straight for a preppier vibe.

Brigette Bardot's updo is given a boho twist by tying it straight back from the forehead.

To get Nicole Richie's head scarf look, put you hair in a messy half-up bun. Tie the scarf at the base of your neck and let the ends hang free.

This head scarf is wrapped around the head many times and is finished off with a sweet rosette pattern. Click the link above to find out how to tie it. If the rosette isn't your thing, just tie it in a knot.

Solange Knowles ties her scarf into a turban. Shirley B. Eniang has a great tutorial on how to tie a scarf similar to this, it's at about the 7:40 mark.

The turban headband look is adorable and can be worn so many ways. Hair down, hair up, bun, ponytail, braid. Anything goes! Tutorial is in the link above.

And if that wasn't enough inspiration for you, Free People has two really great videos that you may enjoy.
How to Style Scarves by Free People - my favorite is the scarf incorporated in the side braid
Ways to Wear Scarves in your Hair - the first one is really unique and pretty, so make sure you check it out

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